Title: Emu8086 Download
 Description: Emu8086 x86 assembly emulator with crack and localization. Compare to the latest version of the same software, this version is more clear and easy to use. You are able to use functions such as watch window, break point to understand every step of how your programme is running. It's a light-weight software. Easy to install and uninstall. Useful to assembly beginners!
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Emu8086v3.23\Setup.exe 2601177 2005-06-16
Emu8086v3.23\sn.txt 83 2005-07-12
Emu8086v3.23\chs_拷贝到安装目录中\_charset.dat 210 2003-10-07
Emu8086v3.23\chs_拷贝到安装目录中\_lang.dat 183684 2005-02-13
Emu8086v3.23\chs_拷贝到安装目录中\_msg.dat 8271 2003-10-08
Emu8086v3.23\chs_拷贝到安装目录中 0 2005-02-16
Emu8086v3.23 0 2005-07-12

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