Title: 盘锦苍龙千年服务端(商业版) Download
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 Description: This service is from "a thousand paper cranes" The millennium server is as simple as this: Preparation: 1, if you want to open to the public must have the public IP (if it was open to the Internet cafe on the routing need to do a few port mapping, general is 80, 3053, 3054 port mapping to your internal IP.) 2. Computer with Windows 2000/2003 system and at least 1G of memory 3. One set of millennium server 4. Reasonable adjustment methods Include all of the server files in the compression package: 1. Feature viewer. 2. DB editor. 3. DB rewire modifier. 4. Rate modification procedure: Y1000SZ. 5. Background record procedure: record 2000. 6. Modify the experience tools. 7. Millennium security strategy. 8. Millennium lander. 8. Millennium service controller. 9. Millennium equipment production tools. 10. Character replacement. 11. Yao tian entertainment 1000y control tool v1.2. 12. The Chinese version of the millennium service modification program. 13. Set up a tutorial There are many tools that come from the network, thanks to many friends on the Internet who provide a good millennium aid. There is no copyright in the version, you can make any changes.
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