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 Description: Radar signal processing, radar signal processing for the modern major mode of use of digital signal processing theory and Matlab software simulation of the radar signal processing problems. Proposed a simulation model, the model can be simulation of radar signals, thermal noise and clutter of the radar system in the generation and dynamic signal processing. Using Matlab for a pulse compression radar signal processing system simulation, radar systems have been various points on the treatment of specific signal form contains both amplitude information, but also contains the phase information, the model can better meet the needs of radar signal processing simulation requirements, shows the Matlab simulation using radar signal processing system convenient, fast advantages.
  • [ZLDQ] - After more than three years of dedicatio
  • [20042316412259395] - Matlab radar procedures, including MTIMT
  • [chirp] - right of the radar system used LFM LFM (
  • [matched-filter] - matched filter on the relevant calculati
  • [ldxtfz] - Modern radar systems are increasingly co
  • [range_compress] - Synthetic aperture radar on the one-dime
  • [display] - Summary of a radar PPI display source co
  • [RADAR_Simulation] - The MATLAB source code is a function of
  • [sar_simulator.m] - SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) simulatio
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