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  • matlab
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  • 2007-05-28
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 Description: digital watermarking procedures, including multiresolution embedded watermark, watermark extraction procedure, blind watermark embedding and extraction procedures, Filtering and attack and attack JPEG procedures, PSNR and the similarity calculation formula (MATLAB)
  • [yzd] - information hiding and attack detection
  • [RotateImage-1] - image processing, image rotation Matlab
  • [Decimation] - digital watermarking algorithm for the s
  • [dft_embed] - wavelet transform, C source files. Wavel
  • [dct] - DCT block based on chaotic semi-fragile
  • [KeyframeExtracting] - The source for the use of optical flow e
  • [gui] - A variety of digital watermark embedding
  • [Langelaar_DCTbasedWatermarkAlgorithm] - DCT-based Watermark algoritm of Langelaa
  • [sharing_Thien] - this program has relized the (r, n) thre
  • [DWT] - PSNR of two images (psnr) formula normal
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