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[Driver developpci

Description: pci bus driver examples, the Linux system under the code
Platform: C-C++ | Size: 1KB | Author: dxq_xianq | Hits: 0

[Driver developusb

Description: A USB driver examples, the Linux system under the code
Platform: C-C++ | Size: 3KB | Author: dxq_xianq | Hits: 0

[Driver developdnw2_universal_with_checksum.c

Description: Network can be found on several versions of DNW2, can be programmed in a linux environment friendly arm of the 2440 and 6410 of the board, but my board is REAL6410, after testing, the original version of the program the U-Boot will always fail, suggesting Checksum Value => MEM: 3c9f DNW: 0 Checksum failed. DNW download Data Error checking the source code were discovered after DNW2 not calculated Checksum, and REAL6410 SD card U-boot on the transfer process will be compared Checksum is correct, only if the correct burning included NAND Flash. Cy on the network has finally found a modified version of checksum added that he will come. But not universal, so the wording along the lines of Ace Strong, with the development board will be off the VID PID to be predefined and RAM_BASE facilitate the development board to modify different types of use.
Platform: C-C++ | Size: 2KB | Author: liyuyao_002 | Hits: 0

[Driver developmgcam_source

Description: mgcamd source code mgcamd source code
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 115KB | Author: timur-bai | Hits: 0

[Driver developip_options

Description: Modify IP packet head, Modify "ip option" fieled for transmiting your customer information.
Platform: Unix_Linux | Size: 3KB | Author: kylix13 | Hits: 0

[Driver developu-boot-1.3.1-1012.tar

Description: The source package for video surveillance, video surveillance embedded driver module, use the interface to I2C.
Platform: Unix_Linux | Size: 2670KB | Author: lewuqiong.2009 | Hits: 0

[Driver developAT91RM9200

Description: at91rm9200 development notes, he concluded affluence
Platform: Unix_Linux | Size: 1022KB | Author: ju370785 | Hits: 0

[Driver developARM

Description: ARM instruction set, there is a need to pay close attention to download, without waiting
Platform: Unix_Linux | Size: 951KB | Author: ju370785 | Hits: 0

[Driver developGPIO

Description: A configuration based on ar91rm9200 instances led lights
Platform: Unix_Linux | Size: 8KB | Author: ju370785 | Hits: 0

[Driver developgpio

Description: at91ar9200GPIO port configuration, more useful oh
Platform: Unix_Linux | Size: 11KB | Author: ju370785 | Hits: 0

[Driver develop7.4-zlg7290

Description: Set I2C bus driver development, with Zhou, who in 7290 was
Platform: Unix_Linux | Size: 328KB | Author: 597631025 | Hits: 5

[Driver developleddriver

Description: Led driver realized the development board is a classic s3c44b0
Platform: Unix_Linux | Size: 644KB | Author: wangli2562220 | Hits: 1
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