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Description: Library management system source code, written by a person in 2005, still not bad
Platform: Java | Size: 102KB | Author: desertknight_r | Hits: 36


Description: This is a web-jbpm the development framework used to deploy to tomcat inside, as long as generate a mysql database on the implementation of the jBPM mysql.create.sql, the realization of the upload process definition file. Can see inside the database package is a rack jbpm-starters-kit-3.1.4jbpm.3lib following all packets there jbpm-starters-kit-3.1.4jbpm.3 uild the following package*. jar can be a
Platform: Java | Size: 174KB | Author: liujb9920 | Hits: 84


Description: jbpm demo is a very good open-source workflow, easy to use, suitable for the expansion of development!
Platform: Java | Size: 23573KB | Author: liujb9920 | Hits: 95


Description: Jsp prepared with document management, use a page on the server can manage all of the code. Can be used to update a good system
Platform: Java | Size: 9KB | Author: optimism_yx | Hits: 2


Description: Online shopping system (based on java)
Platform: Java | Size: 6490KB | Author: catty_jin | Hits: 13


Description: blog system (based on java)
Platform: Java | Size: 4242KB | Author: catty_jin | Hits: 28


Description: BBS system (based on java)
Platform: Java | Size: 2043KB | Author: catty_jin | Hits: 40


Description: JAVA Paint, inside out with the class, you can draw a variety of plans
Platform: Java | Size: 2049KB | Author: fanth02 | Hits: 30


Description: Java Programming Courseware source Tsinghua Publishing answer a total of 14 chapters
Platform: Java | Size: 3213KB | Author: he_chunhua2003 | Hits: 8


Description: CRM project-related documents, has been to help provide you with the corresponding entity class and mapping category, worthy of your conduct in-depth research.
Platform: Java | Size: 3184KB | Author: killman77777 | Hits: 266


Description: jsp online mall, the file contains the source code, the structure shows that the theme paper
Platform: Java | Size: 4158KB | Author: xianke9 | Hits: 420


Description: Perfect registration of the source code registration perfect world, the original code, utility
Platform: Java | Size: 3KB | Author: gudxtang | Hits: 58
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