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[Development ResearchAnOverviewofSchedulingAlgorithmsinMIMObased4Gwir

Description: mimo based on the 4G system scheduling algorithm design. Basis for comparison.
Platform: PDF | Size: 131KB | Author: qiujing_email | Hits: 10

[Development ResearchAnOverviewofMIMOCommunicationsA_key_to_gigabit_w

Description: introduced mimo or a classic article. Recommend it to beginners
Platform: PDF | Size: 657KB | Author: qiujing_email | Hits: 35

[Development Researchtuxiangjiansuoweilaizhilu

Description: with computer technology and the Internet's rapid development, include images of various kinds of multimedia data volume is a phenomenal growth rate. it is very easy to multimedia information in the ocean lost direction, How can effectively retrieve useful information is a critical and urgent issue. This paper reviews the image retrieval technology development, elaborated on the content-based image retrieval of key technologies, cognitive psychology and the cognitive model of science and technology, with an emphasis on the image retrieval future direction of development and technical route.
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 12KB | Author: gengxt001 | Hits: 31

[Development ResearchUSB_Disk_Technic_Report_For_DriveDev

Description: this paper based on ARM7 Embedded Systems on the development of USB interface details
Platform: Others | Size: 273KB | Author: hnmajun | Hits: 14

[Development Researchdianzihuobi

Description: This is a cell phone-based electronic currency trading system of research papers, On the electronic money system is a concrete realization of the algorithms discussed
Platform: PDF | Size: 101KB | Author: xjqhust03 | Hits: 9

[Development Researchrhhjjddh--

Description: henzhing yao de wen zhang kankan
Platform: Delphi | Size: 7KB | Author: sjx_117 | Hits: 2

[Development Researchorl-FACE-BASE

Description: here is the ORL, and the application of VC Face Image Recognition, We want to help.
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 3013KB | Author: YuLing_2008 | Hits: 235

[Development Researchunixmakefile

Description: MAKEFILE know that the preparation for students learning useful UNIX
Platform: C-C++ | Size: 39KB | Author: wangdonghui | Hits: 10

[Development Researchrfc3455

Description: RFC3455 Chinese version of the IMS learning there is a great help.
Platform: C-C++ | Size: 17KB | Author: wangdonghui | Hits: 37

[Development Research23.228

Description: TS23.228 Chinese documents, learning IMS will be very helpful
Platform: C-C++ | Size: 1569KB | Author: wangdonghui | Hits: 71

[Development Research3GPPTS24.229

Description: 3gpp the TS24.229 the Chinese version, the IMS study helpful
Platform: C-C++ | Size: 163KB | Author: wangdonghui | Hits: 267

[Development Researchchuangsai

Description: Design Competition Provincial Challenge Cup shortlisted entries integrity of the procedures I have here and I can link ht tp ://
Platform: Others | Size: 3037KB | Author: huangtj212 | Hits: 25
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