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[Development ResearchIPTV

Description: This is the author of the study IPTV system for the understanding of the hot topic of help
Platform: WORD | Size: 43KB | Author: zxjcau127 | Hits: 372

[Development Researchfuturedirection.Rar

Description: Bill Gates, the only individual books, the only individual books, talk about their own future development of the computer is very difficult to foresee oh
Platform: Others | Size: 10111KB | Author: hmcen0921 | Hits: 48

[Development ResearchITILoverview-0.3-PYCN

Description: ITIL (IT infrastructure library) Chinese Introduction
Platform: Others | Size: 1228KB | Author: hbest | Hits: 17

[Development ResearchMatlabinFuzzyControlSystemDesignandsimulat

Description: system simulation from the Journal thesis : Matlab in Fuzzy Control System Design and Simulation Application
Platform: matlab | Size: 67KB | Author: wangyuhai | Hits: 102

[Development Research05automotiveelectronicsseniorseminarpresenta

Description: include safety systems for automobiles, and automotive multimedia network; The future of automotive information terminal platform development, smart wireless communications in the promotion of automotive safety applications of the role and automotive electronic detection platform Wind River and the Device Software Optimization and Wind River Automotive, high-end study overseas.
Platform: Others | Size: 14490KB | Author: skyge2002 | Hits: 121

[Development ResearchIEEEstd1363-2000

Description: developed by the IEEE elliptic curve algorithm standard algorithm for elliptic curve interested friends can see.
Platform: PDF | Size: 1165KB | Author: zjc92 | Hits: 55

[Development ResearchShamirID

Description: introduced a special public-key cryptosystem-- identity-based public-key cryptosystem. This very classic, which is the business Cryptosystem classic thinking.
Platform: PDF | Size: 273KB | Author: zjc92 | Hits: 30

[Development Research2005ChinaInternetbankusersreport.Rar

Description: comprehensive and detailed analysis of the Chinese Internet banking in 2005 the status and future trends.
Platform: PDF | Size: 260KB | Author: lushengpu | Hits: 31

[Development ResearchGPRSmeterremoteautomaticmeterreadingsystem

Description: GPRS meter remote automatic meter reading system detailed design of the program, please refer to learning.
Platform: Visual C++ | Size: 808KB | Author: zngk | Hits: 1077

[Development ResearchJSCC_review

Description: RD of the 2004 report, the report was very comprehensive, for our next task is guiding significance
Platform: PDF | Size: 318KB | Author: eyuye | Hits: 13

[Development Research2003allSCIpublicationsimpactfactorlist.Rar

Description: 2003 all SCI publications impact factor list
Platform: Windows_Unix | Size: 259KB | Author: fangruiscience | Hits: 5

[Development Research05.03GuangdongWAP

Description: 05.03 Guangdong WAP 05.03 05.03 Guangdong WAP
Platform: WORD | Size: 86KB | Author: dalezhu2005 | Hits: 12
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