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 Description: For feature reduction, feature fusion, correlation analysis, multivariate data analysis of the fisher discriminant analysis (FLDA) Matlab code implementation.
  • [face-location-example] - Face recognition and positioning of VC e
  • [MFA] - Marginal Fisher Analysis algorithm, can
  • [FLDA] - The use of Fisher linear discriminant an
  • [1] - speech paper,help you study
  • [flda] - flda code
  • [CCA_zq] - For feature reduction, feature fusion, c
  • [jiyutezhengronghehemohuhepanbian] - Proposed based on feature fusion and fuz
  • [CBIR] - we propose a CBIR algorithm based on Mul
  • [FLDA] - Fisher linear discriminant analysis (FLD
  • [KFDA] - Nuclear Fisher discriminant analysis met
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